Connecting to kernel issue

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure where should I bring the issue and if it is the right place, but I have a problem connecting to the kernel for the lab and I could not find the answer to it anywhere.

Are you using your notebook for work to open the lab? Some companies may setup firewalls that can block some connections. If so, you may want to try a different device.

As Raymond says, this is most likely an “IT” problem on your side: some security software like the A/V or firewall software on your computer or perhaps a proxy server or firewall in your local area network is blocking the connection. Is this the first time you are trying to use any of the notebooks? In that case, you can try “whitelisting” the Coursera notebook URLs in your A/V software. Or try using a public WiFi network at a coffee shop or library and see if that makes a difference. If it used to work and suddenly stopped, then the question is whether anything changed. E.g. you were at home before and now you are using a network at work or at school? That would be a good clue as to where the problem is. Of course it’s pretty hard for us to help with IT problems on your side …