Kernel not working

Im doing an the collaborative filtering assignment but there seems to be a problem with the kernel for the assignment. However for the other labs this is not the issue and they are working fine without this problem.kindly help me through this someone


Can you provide some details about the problem?

so i started doing the programming assignment for collaborative filtering assignment but is showing the kernal is not connected and hence the code is not running however for other programming assigments the kernel is working and hence the assignment and hence i was able to complete the other one but not this

Hello @Zain_728 , would you happen to be using a different computer for this assignment, like a company laptop which might have a different firewall setting? Do you have the same problem if you open the assignment with your mobile phone browser?

No im not using a different laptop im working on the same laptop i been using all along and im able to open other labs as well where kernel is connected its just this particular assignment where kernel is not working

Kindly tell me how the open it with mobile phone server

Open the web browser in your mobile phone, go to, login, go to the assignment and open it.

can you also take a screenshot of the assignment opened on your computer that shows the kernel is not connected?

It is for the computer
And mobile browser is not working as well

Hello @Zain_728, just two more checks,

  1. you are using the same computer and connecting your computer to the same network which allowed you to run other lab successfully, right? I am asking because I am wondering if it’s a different cable/wifi network which can be firewall protected.

  2. the same “Not Connected” is shown even after you click “Kernel” > “Restart” ?

  1. Yes, The using the same laptop and same internet connection and all other labs except for this one is working fine.
  2. I did that but it didn’t work and an error is written

Kindly help me through i can not pass the course without this lab

But the not connected is not shown now


Then can you run the code?

Im running the code but its written error now on the kernel part

Can you share some screenshots for any errors?

This screenshot shows “Autosave Failed”.

For my account, I can open the lab and the kernel is ready and I can run the code without problem. I suggest you to contact coursera about your situation because coursera manages your account and the jupyter platform, and I am sharing your case to the course team at the same time.


I contacted them too and they told me to post over this thread

I see, but I think it’s their responsibility to look at your account and verfiy that everything is fine. We don’t have access to your account and we don’t have access to the computation resources used by the coursera jupyter notebook in your region, so the things I can do is to ask questions like I did based on my experience, and I will share your case to the course team.

If you have a chance to connect your computer to a different wifi network, it’s worthwhile to try the assignment again. Last time I saw the “Autosave failed” error because the learner was using a company device, but I think in general it could be a problem about the firewall so the network can also be relevant.

Besides, you might also want to re-try even in the same network but after 12 hours, just in case there is currently any temporary service outage that is not load-balanced to other region.


Hi! In addition to Raymond’s recommendations, please also try refreshing your workspace. That might help force a reset of your lab environment. Just make sure to rename your notebook first. It’s worth a shot although it’s more likely that this is indeed a temporary outage. Please report here if it’s still not working after 12 hours. Thanks!