Error in Connection to the server

I am trying to do the first assignment on this course (practice assignment), and my jupyter notebook kernel wouldn’t connect to the server. I’m unable to run any cell in this notebook.
Please find attached the error message I get.

Thanks for your help

Since this is the first time you are trying this, if it happens consistently, it most likely means that this is an IT problem on your side. Something on your computer or on your local area network is blocking that connection to the Coursera server. It could be A/V software or a firewall on your computer or it could be a proxy server or firewall on your local network. What kind of computer and browser are your using? Are you using a school or work network? If you have an IT department, you can try asking them. The other experiment to try would be to use a different network like a public WiFi network and see if that makes a difference. Using a VPN might also be something to try, if you know how to do that.