98% complete but can't finish C4W3 Lab TFX on Google Cloud Vertex Pipelines

Hi! I hope someone can help me. I am done with the entire program except for the TFX on Google Cloud Vertex Pipeline in Week 3 of Course 4. I keep getting an error that there are not enough resources to spin up the lab. I have been confronted with error for two days - day and night. I am also one day away from resetting my subscription and worked hard to complete the program within a month. Is there anyway I can get credit for completing the last class (I am 98% complete) before needing to pay another $56 just so I can have more time for this issue to be resolved? Thanks!

Response from the vendor


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Yeah this is a standard response of their customer support reps. I got the same error and no-one really helped me (coursera nor qwiklabs). Everything went back to normal after 3 days or so.

I am facing the same issue. still!

Hi all, as mentioned in this thread, I finally got in tonight.