A download course option would be great

Just leaving my suggestion for an option to download the courses material. Mainly the notebooks, but the slides and video would also be a good reference material.
I mention this because using the notebooks locally would be faster and I would be able to save my own changes.

Of course, thanks for this excelente material!! I’ve been learning so much about this new technology, and for free!

Congratulations on making such a great contribute to education and (human’s) AI knowledge!


The Notebook environment provides a means for downloading the labs.

Yes! It’s great! I’m downloading the notebooks I saw in the courses I took.

Why is it that most of times its not possible to download the notebook, it simply reads error in the small icon next to the trusted, see snippet below. Is it due to high traffic on the course page?

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@Adam_Hjerpe, I have no idea what causes that. I’ve never seen it personally.

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When that happened to me, the error was not due to the failed download.
But the download worked if I shutdown the kernel (I saw this tip somewhere else in the forum).

When the download doesn’t work for me, I just get a blank page.