A quick burst of gratitude

Sorry for wasting your time; I have no problem right now, but I’d love to thank the mentors for their time and guidance. I never had to ask a question because previous students had the same problem solved with clear instructions that I just followed.

As a kid in Namibia with little hope of contributing to this world without awesome people like yourselves lending a hand, I can certainly say: you are doing meaningful work!

Thank you!


Hi, Anri.

Thank you very much for letting us know that the pre-existing discussions on Discourse were useful to you! That is always the hope, so it’s great to hear your confirmation that it actually does work. One of the reasons for switching from the old Coursera Forum platform to Discourse is that the search engine on Discourse is much better than the one on the old forums, which was just one notch better than completely useless.

There is plenty more interesting material to come in the rest of the courses, so I wish you the best in your continued learning!


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Thank you once again :slight_smile: