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This category is created for an online event on “Pathways in data science and machine learning” on May 18. Please post your questions below for the speakers, and you can also upvote others’.

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While many people start their careers on a certain path, oftentimes they pivot and change direction. This is certainly the case with Data Science and Machine Learning. While some people set out on a mission to become part of the AI movement, for others, it was a slower process that evolved over time. While some people prefer to start their own AI organization, others choose to join an established AI company.

In either case, whatever path you take, it is important you pursue what you find rewarding and what makes you happy!

In this session, you will meet industry leaders and hear them share their stories about their experiences moving through Data Science and Machine Learning. No stories are the same and everyone has their own journey.

This event is designed for anyone who is looking to advance their career and the various pathways one can take via Data Science or Machine Learning. Those with a non-technical background are welcome to attend as well.


I’ve had a longstanding interest in the topic starting with the original ML course offered on the pre-Coursera (if memory serves me right) platform.

This should be an inspiring session.

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Thank you very much for this great event!! Please, what are the Opportunities and pathways in AI for a MD who learned to code ?