May 18, Join us for a live event on pathways in data science and machine learning!

Join us for a live, interactive panel discussion on pathways in Data Science and Machine Learning on May 18th. Special thanks to FourthBrain for co-hosting the event with us!

While many people start their careers on a certain path, oftentimes they pivot and change direction. This is certainly the case with Data Science and Machine Learning. While some people set out on a mission to become part of the AI movement, for others, it was a slower process that evolved over time. While some people prefer to start their own AI organization, others choose to join an established AI company.


Caroline Lair, founder of The Good AI
Sadie St Lawrence, Founder and CEO of Women in Data
Gabriela De Queiroz, Chief Data Scientis at IBM
Brook Wenig, Director of Machine Learning Practice at Databricks

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