About the specialization! Only to people, that has finished the whole course

hi, my question is: The course is more focus on theory? The methodology of the Andrew is very good, but I want to know about the practice of the entire course. There’s a real experience build by us from the absolutely scratch, using python, for example? or the entire practice of this course is analise the labs code??


Hi @Matheus_Brito great question!!

The course shows you the implementation of machine learning applications and explain the theory behind, you get to build projects on the labs, but the experience might look as guided project. The code use in the labs looks similar to the way you build projects from scratch in real application. My suggestion is to learn the fundamentals in these courses and work on your own project using datasets with similar code and logic you learned.

I hope this helps!

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Thx for the answer! I will try follow ur suggestion. But a real practice course is better!


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