Access to Jupyter NB inside Coursera?

How do I Access to Jupyter NB inside Coursera?
I must have missed a critical access step. So, sorry for the stupid question.

I have the NB from other classes but not Coursera.

Thanks for your help,

I’m not sure I’m answering the same question you are asking, but the first step is to click the “Programming Assignment” entry that is listed in each Week shown highlighted here:

You can also find all the assignment links in one place by clicking the “Grades” item highlighted on the left menu. After clicking one of the “Programming Assignment” links, you’ll see a page like this:

Click the “Work in Browser” button to enter the notebook. It will create a new browser tab in parallel with this one. Then you can come back and click the “My Submission” tag in order to see the output of the grader as shown here:

Please let me know if this wasn’t what you were asking about!