AccessDeniedException when accessing lab 1 "Generative AI Use Case: Summarize Dialogue"


I am seeing the following error in lab 1, right after selecting the ipynb file and setting up the notebook environment:

Failed to start kernel
Failed to launch app [sagemaker-data-science-ml-m5-large-685ada67a98eea46e68c3200c9bf]. AccessDeniedException: User: arn:aws:sts::898291035665:assumed-role/sagemaker-studio-vpc-firewall-us-east-1-sagemaker-execution-role/SageMaker is not authorized to perform: sagemaker:CreateApp on resource: arn:aws:sagemaker:us-east-1:898291035665:app/d-cbs1vh9pcaac/sagemaker-user-profile-us-east-1/kernelgateway/sagemaker-data-science-ml-m5-large-685ada67a98eea46e68c3200c9bf with an explicit deny in a service control policy (Context: RequestId: c07fba0e-e264-4228-88bc-9649b3110251, TimeStamp: 1720500118.30183, Date: Tue Jul 9 04:41:58 2024)

Can someone help and see what is wrong?


Hello @lookuptable
Kindly check the below link. Similar type of problem is discussed.

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