Accidently Deleted Codes of lab: Gradient Descent

Please someone help me with the lines of code.

The Lines below these are deleted Please provide me with the lines Thank you.

Hi @Himanshu_Kingstorm ,

Please follow this link for instructions on how to refresh your work space and get fresh copy of your lab.

Sir, actually I deleted the codes before creating a check point.
I tried the steps suggested by you, but no positive result.
I would be a great help if I get the last 2 missing slabs for my files. This will not happen in future again.

Hi @Himanshu_Kingstorm ,

What do you mean there is no positive result?
Here are the steps:

refreshing your Workspace

This will come in handy whenever you need to start from scratch, fetch the latest version of the assignment, or run into a 404 error.

  1. O​pen the notebook from the classroom.
  2. After the notebook opens up, c​lick File → Open
  3. W​hen your workspace opens, tick the check box before your notebook file. After it is selected, press Shutdown. The icon beside the filename should turn from green to gray.
  4. Tick the checkbox again and this time choose Rename and enter any filename other than the original. For example, C4W1_Assignment.ipynb (original) → C4W1_Assignment_v2.ipynb
  5. (Optional) Tick the checkbox of any other file that you want to get a fresh copy of (e.g. dataset files that you might have manipulated irreversibly). Then click Delete . You can also opt to Rename or Download each file individually in case you want to keep them before deleting.
  6. Click on the Help button on the top right of the page.
  7. Click the Get latest version button.
  8. Click the Update Lab button. The page will refresh and you should now see the latest version of the notebook.

The latest version button will get you a fresh copy of the file. Keeping your original copy would help as reference, you just need to rename it before hitting the latest version button. After getting the latest copy, you can just copy and paste the work you have done to the fresh copy.

Right! If the procedure didn’t work, that means you didn’t follow it correctly. The key point is that you need to rename the existing notebook or it won’t be replaced. You may think you are saving time by not reading carefully, but that usually does not end up being a net savings of time. You save 2 minutes and then waste a couple of hours. :scream_cat:


Thanks. You got me right. I did the same mistake, trying to save 2 minutes but instead of wasting I left it. For better solution. And After opening the community today. I got it. Thank you.