Account is still in cleanup for my Lab

I had access issue with the week 2 lab and I have filled the form. Now it shows my account is still in cleanup for more than 24 hours.

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It’s still the holiday season. DLAI posted that their staff is mostly off-duty until Jan 2.

Hi @Raymond_Fu

It could take 24h up to 48h to get a response.

I kindly ask for your patience regarding this deadline due to holidays.

Happy holidays!

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Hi, may account is still in clean up. I was not able to finish the two courses because of the two labs that I can’t work on.

Have you submitted the form to have your account fixed?

yes, I did. it was a different error, and after I submitted the form, it changed to this error. I was told the resolution could take 24-48 hours, but it’s been over 10 days.

I think you should submit the form again. DLAI staff was off-duty for the holiday season when you submitted the form, and they may have lost track of the problem.

Thank you!

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@TMosh - I’ve been seeing the same issue my account, can you help to cleanup my account as well?

Personally, no I can’t, as I’m not on the course staff and I’m not a mentor for this course.

But I can recommend you fill out the form.

I’ve filled the form 24hours ago, but no response

Still no change.

Hi Raymond. Can you message me the email address you’re using for Coursera?

Yes, I’m using this email: –