"Account is in cleanup": Week 2 lab Fine-Tune a Generative AI Model for Dialogue Summarization

I cannot Start Lab as it keeps saying “account is in cleanup”

Could someone please help? Lab is due today.


Hi Akshay! Please fill out this form if you have access issues with the labs. We will contact you asap when your lab is reactivated/refreshed.

For other common troubleshooting, please visit the course FAQ, particularly item 7 onwards.

Thank you!

Thanks Chris! I have already done that. Thanks!

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Hi Chris, I have already filled out the form two times, but it still says “account in cleanup”.

My time to finish the lab is quickly running out.

Please help! Thanks!

Hi Akshay. Are you referring to the deadlines set by Coursera? Those are just guidelines and there is no consequence in doing the lab later, as long as you have an active subscription. Will let you know once our engineer has resolved the issue in your account. Thanks.

Ok, thanks Chris! Yes I was referring to the deadline showing up on my coursera notifications saying I need to have it completed by 11:59 pm PDT.

Hi Chris,

Please let me know when done, as of now still getting the same “account in cleanup” message.