Account is still in cleanup.... GenAI-LLM Course Lab2

Hello @esanina / Team,

I am currently in GenAI-LLM Course Lab2/Week 2. I was working on AWSLab & kernal died/disconnected.
Now I am not able to launch the AWS lab. It keep saying “Account is still in cleanup".

Please refresh/help.


@AshRau thank you for the message. I have refreshed your account.

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Hello @esanina,
I have a similar issue. Could you please refresh it for me too?

Thanks @esanina it was working. I have executed the lab to the full however before exiting it again showing same message “Account is still in cleanup".

Request you to please refresh again.

@Veronika_Shmagina thank you for the message. Which course and lab do you have issues with?

@AshRau the account was refreshed again, thank you!

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Generative AI with Large Language Models
Lab 2

The problem was resolved! I got connected, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks alot! Elena. It worked & was able to complete/submit the lab.

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@esanina Can you please help as I am stuck with the start lab of Week 2. The aws icon turns red with a notification saying account is still in cleanup.

Would be of great help if I can get it resolved asap as the deadline completion is today.

Its working now. Thanks !

Hi everyone! Please fill out this form if you have access issues with the labs. The staff monitors this regularly so no need to follow up unless it exceeds 48 hours (excluding weekends). We will contact you asap when your lab is reactivated/refreshed.

For other common troubleshooting, please visit the course FAQ, particularly item 7 onwards.

Thank you!

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