Advanced learning Algorithm

I just completed the first course of supervised learning algorithm last week . Do i need to learn technol0gies like scikit learn before completing the next course or go with them after completing these specialization courses . Also need suggestion about the roadmap and addition technologies . I am familier with python and worked with pandas , matplotlib ,numpy. I also need how information about the resources to learn how to integrate my model trained in python with node js backend for a website. my website is build in node js as backend and express js . frontend technologies used are ejs , css and react js.

A scikit course would be a good idea, but you can wait until after you complete the MLS courses.

DLAI offers courses on integrating with backend tools.

What other than scikit i need to learn to start working on projects of machine learning. ?

The MLS and Deep Learning Specialization courses use TensorFlow.

Outside of these courses, PyTorch is becoming popular.

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ok,thank you