After Machine Learning Specialization

I have successfully completed the Deep Learning Specialization, but I don’t really know what’s the next step should be.

  • what are job titles I should be looking for to apply ?
  • what things I should be learning now ?

FYKI: I have a good software development experience
Thank you in Advance


Hi, @mouhandalkadri !

Congratulations! Now I’d recommend you to try any of the deep learning specializations as well, so you can build a strong profile as a data scientist / engineer.
I’ve seen a lot of such (well-paid) positions in big tech companies during these years, but my suggestion is to carefully look for the ones that let you keep learning and improving.

Maybe other people can join this topic and post their experience.


@alvaroramajo thank you for answering.
Actually it’s Deep Learning Specialization that I completed, sorry my bad.
So should I be able to apply for data science jobs? Or ia there any kind of tools topics, I know the internet is filled with articles but somehow I endup overwhelmed

As someone who is almost done with the Machine Learning course myself. I have started to forcus on the practical aspect as well, in my case i am at the moment inplementing the algos for my project, to also get more practical experiance. Later on i probably continuing and doing the deep learning specializtion after i have implemented a couple of the ml algos and maybe also built sone ptojects as well.


Hello @mouhandalkadri ,

I have not completed the specialization as you have but after I am done I plan on refining my skills via . Seems like a pretty solid way to sharpen those industry skills and build good habits with regards to one work. Hope it helps!



Hi @mouhandalkadri !

Thank you and this is a great question I think a lot of people might have after completing their first specialization!

In my opinion, you just need to gain more practical coding experience in deep learning whether via open-source courses to have a solid understanding of the knowledge:

Or via other people’s codes such as on Kaggle or TowardsDataScience directly.

I think either way you will have a very good learning experience and let you become clearer and clearer about what you want to do next and where you have the most passion. :partying_face:

Hope you keep enjoying the learning!


@KyoCheng, thanks for sharing the list. I found it very insightful!

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Hi, @mouhandalkadri,

You can start applying your learning to find the weak points that need to revisit.

I would recommend or

Good luck

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IMO you should start doing projects to solidify the things you have learned and based on that try one fo the more specific specializations to become a pro at them. after that you can look for jobs in the field that interests you but it wouldn’t hurt to interview at a few places before that either!