AI and Non-Profits

Would love to hear ideas we can implement to improve the lives of our program participants.

For instance:
If the non-profit organization can work more efficiently, then more of their funding can go to supporting the participants, rather than paying for staff resources.

There are lots of non-profits that use AI techniques to pursue their goals. Here’s a Kaggle Challenge from The Nature Conserancy a few years ago about monitoring the fishing industry to prevent overfishing. Another one I’ve heard of is Sky Truth, which is a non-profit that uses satellite imagery to detect environmental damage and other conditions.

Hi, thanks for responding. Hopefully will be able to find ways to make AI work for our organization. Any ideas ?

Hi, thank you for responding to my query. I checked out both Kaggle and Sky Truth- both awesome. Thank you for the links. I wish I can learn enough to use AI in our organization.