Project ideas which can help charitable organizations

Hello everyone! I’ve just started a machine learning course and I want to ask if anyone has ideas how I can help charitable organizations? I’ve been connected to an organization which helps stray bunnies for example. I just don’t have the experience in order to know what kind of products I can create. Thank you for your time, people.

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The place to start is, what problems does the organization face for which they also have a lot of data that can be used for training a model?

Essentially, your situation currently is that you’re starting to learn how to use a hammer, but you don’t know what sort of building the customer wants constructed.

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Agree with TMosh.

Take a look at the workflows of a charity or non-profit. Almost all of them have Fundraising/Donations (a combination of online and in-person events). They also have extensive communications to donors and sponsors.

After that, there is the other side of the house, managing services provided to whomever the nonprofit is trying to help. (This varies more widely).

If you’re based in the US, you can look up non-profit business licenses in your state or county website, and get a list of folks you might interview, in order to understand their challenges. Most nonprofits are happy to chat with people, especially if there is a chance that they could help them solve a problem.

As you try out ideas, you might read the book, “The Mom Test” – which is an excellent way to test out ideas/hypotheses before spending time on code. (Don’t worry, it’s a smaller book!)

Good Luck!