AI and Programming

I want to know something if someone is bad in programming can he start learning AI or not??

Hi @amjad_mohammad1,

I doubt in this world of Google and ChatGPT, someone could be “bad” at programming.

Yes, you should know what programming is, the syntaxes (for loop, while loop, if/else etc) and logic building (<-- this is probably the most important part). And have (pseudo) understanding the written code.

Take me for example, I learned C++ in my university. Am I proficient in Python ? I wouldn’t call myself an expert. But I know how to build logic and the syntaxes…I google the rest (how to do it in Python if I don’t know already about it).

I got familiar with Python and AI while taking the Deep Learning Specialisation.

In the end, I’d say, it depends on how much are you willing to learn and grow.


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hi @amjad_mohammad1

Welcome to the community.

To be a good data science there is no need to become a software engineer or a great programmer.

In fact, have a basic knowledge of Python or R it is good enough to starting prototyping and create your first projects and models.

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