Deep Learning and Other Skills

Hi, I’m new to AI. I’ve been trying to learn AI and I was almost finished until I learned that I need to learn SQL, and Pandas in advanced level. So, I came back to SQL, Pandas and NumPy.
Is it wrong thing me to do that? Do I have to learn those?

Also, I have more question; should I start to DeepLearning AI- TensorFlow course before learn Data Science?

Hi @burakemretoker,
If you are planning to work as a data scientist, data analyst, or machine learning engineer, then SQL, numpy, and Pandas are essential. It is quite important to be proficient in these. Consider these as the base that will allow you to excel in machine learning. Usually it is recommended to start with data science and then move to deep learning because, once again, it is the base. I hoe this helps!

Hello @burakemretoker! This is a good question.

I highly respect @Samuel_Chazy thoughts but I see it differently. Let me share my experience with you. I don’t know anything about SQL. I learned just the basics of NumPy, Pandas, and Python. I don’t think one needs to become an advanced user of this to start the AI journey.

Just learn the basics of Python. Then do the MLS and then DLS. After that, start the TensorFlow. Don’t wait to become an expert in something and then start the AI journey. Just learn the basics and start and you will become an expert by doing.