Ai-for-medical-diagnosis Week 1 Data files

Can you please help me find “nih/train-small.csv” I don’t find it on the data links provided. I only see Data_Entry_2017_v2020.csv and BBox_List_2017.csv

Hi @Madhulatha_Chavali,

Firstly, welcome to the community! To get the mentioned dataset please open the respective lab, then click on the “jupyter” icon on the top left of the lab. It will navigate you to the directories. Open the “M1” folder and then “nih” and you will find the “nih/train-small.csv” dataset.


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Hello Sharob,

Thank you so much for the quick and detailed response.

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See that Lab Files button in the upper right of the notebook? Click it. Download all files as a zip. You’ll thank me later, for example after you complete the course and realize you can’t access either the data or your code anymore.

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Wow! I can download all the files in one place. Thanks a lot!!!