AI Spanish Study Group

Hi, everyone!

How are you? I am about to finish the AI for everyone course. I need to take the exam for the fourth week. It has been a very interesting experience and I am excited to start my path in the area of Artificial Intelligence. I am a Physical Rehabilitator and I am about to finish a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. I am interested in developing AI and Health related projects.

I am from Ecuador, Latin America, Andrew NG suggested forming a study group to read about AI books. Someone around here would be interested in forming a study group, but in Spanish. There are many groups in English and the idea would be apart from sharing and continuing to learn, to start spreading about this content in Spanish.

If you are interested I leave you my link.
and on Linkedin:
If you want, contact me to see if we can meet

A hug! Very happy to be part of this community

Daniel Andres Espinoza

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Hi @danielandreseg ,
It is great to see you people like you attempting to connect with the many other passionate members of this DLAI community. It is indeed a great idea to start a study group. As your idea is outside of the AI4E course curriculum, you may want to leverage our “General Discussions” space to spread your idea and network with more members of this community.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I just made the publication in the forum that indicated me.
many greetings.

Thanks really appreciate