Any source for software engineering programming practice

I am probably intermediate in python but do not code regularly. MLOps specialization requires knowledge of software engineering topics - like API deployment etc. I am just wondering, if anybody could suggest get some software programming practice (relevant to MLOPs) so that there is less struggle in the programming assignment. . Thanks !

I am not really sure what technologies the MLOps specialization will cover, but in general I will suggest you learn some backend technologies that I think it might be helpful, like FastAPI and the best starting point is the tutorial available on the docs. or you could take a look at Django framework, also they have got a great tutorial on their docs.
I would suggest some Git version control basics. also I am thinking that Docker skills would be a huge plus.

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Yes, you can find various courses either on Udemy or Pluralsight about RESTful and Fast API’s to learn the various tools needed!