API usage Limit

Hello @AryanHrushikSharma ,
Chat GPT provides a complimentary $18 trial credit after creating a fresh account. However, these credits have a 3-month validity period, requiring you to utilize them within the initial three months of account opening. To access and utilize these free credits, you’ll need to create a new account using a different contact number.

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I am facing the same issue in using the API key in the local jupyter notebook by fetching the API KEY.
As I have generated the API only today and am getting this issue, please help me.

Hi @Yash_Shah3

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As the error shows, your monthly OpenAI API quota has run out. You have to wait for your quota to be renewed before you can use it again.

The alternative is to run the lab on our course platform.

But as I told you, I have just opted for API today only. How did my monthly quota run out?
And what is the quota for using gpt-3.5-turbo?

So sorry, to answer this questions, you have to file a ticket with OpenAI support in order to understand this issue.

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