Exceeding billing quota when running in my own Jupyter Notebook


I am trying to run the very first snippet of code for this course (after the setup and helper function). I am using OpenAI library version 0.27.0. I am receiving an error that says I’ve already reached my usage quota. If I follow the link at the end of the error, the free quota is $100 (I qualify for the free tier, as I reside within the allowable geography) . This can’t possibly mean I have to over $100 to just start the course… What has happened here? As you can see, I directly copy/pasted the code snippets, with the exception of changing the api key, since I’m running this in my own Jupyter notebook.

Could really use some help to move forward, appreciate any thoughtful responses.

Hello @markazi2

Kindly check this comment

I don’t know if it resolves your issue or not, kindly let us know.

Also another post response by one of the staff states, you need to register billing details even if you have to use the free tier. So I hope you have put your billing details.


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Thank you for your suggestions.

As shown in my screenshot, I did not have that line of code to replace.

I was unable to add payment details without paying a minimum of $5. So, I was unable to use the free tier. However, using the $5, I was able to run my code. Thank you for sending me down this path.

To others running into a similar problem, you might still look further to find a way to input your information without paying $5; I just went with the quickest way I found.

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