Apr. 27 Fine-Tuning LLMs with PyTorch 2.0 and ChatGPT Event

Join us for a workshop with Joe Papa, author of the O’Reilly PyTorch Pocket Reference!

Learn how to use PyTorch 2.0 to easily train Large Language Models (LLMs) and build powerful AI applications. Reduce your learning curve and deploy AI applications faster using PyTorch 2.0 and AI development tools like ChatGPT VS Code extensions and GitHub CoPilot. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to level up your AI skills!

During this live training, Joe will cover:

  • Why PyTorch 2.0 is a groundbreaking advancement in Artificial Intelligence.
  • How PyTorch 2.0 works and how to use it to train LLMs like Alpaca, GPT-4 and LaMDA.
  • How to use ChatGPT for data and code generation to support LLM fine-tuning.

How to attend the event:

When you register, you will receive a Livestream link via email three days before the event.

Can’t attend the live YouTube event? Don’t worry. Register now to get the recorded session after the live event.

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Hello dear DeepLearning.AI team

My name is Markus and I’m a new member of this community. I started today with the AI For Everyone course on coursera. While getting around here in the community I stumbled over this event that I missed. I already checked the YouTube channels of DeepLearning.AI and FourthBrain but unfortunately this session is not available. I would very much appreciate if I could get a recording from thiy PyTorch 2.0 training, because this is one of the most important topics for my project. Thanks in advance for an eventual answer. Best regards, Markus

I saw the event, downloaded the presentation. Almost enrolled in TruVersity. Never found the Colab. Is it available somewhere?

hello, can any one tell me how i can gate this recording?

like-wise. I couldn’t attend and am going through ones I missed and can’t find this. I see there haven’t been any replies to the original requests so I guess might need to reach out directly.

@greglock I see you host many of these events so hoping you can help us.