Are there instructions to setup Google colab to be able to run the course materials without any issues?

Hi, I see several folks have tried this already and have issues. What’s the best way to setup and have access to these lab materials on google colab? is there a github repository that can be connected to get some of the course specific libraries?

Please read this.

Thanks. Able to connect Google drive and use it with Colab as suggested. How do I access specific libraries mentioned in the class materials. numpy and matplotlib, colab has it and if missing I can install. What about the stylesheet mentioned in the below example?

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt‘./deeplearning.mplstyle’)

There are some “lab_common_utils” that were used in the course. Is there a github link that can be used. I tried the below piece of code as an example to access github.

import urllib.request

def install_lab_utils_common():
url = ‘
with urllib.request.urlopen(url) as f:
code =‘utf-8’)


nvm. found the answer. The lab files directories have the relevant libraries and style sheets. Thanks for your help.