C1W2 - General Colab Feedback

google colab will not let me run any of the notebook cells without logging in to a google account. I think this is an unfortunate and undesirable dependency to add to your courses, and if it is possible to work with google to avoid this (maybe using temporary accounts generated for coursera), or to move to a different environment, that would be great. I don’t need to have or log in to an amazon account in order to use the AWS tools in other courses, and while I have a google account, I do not do most of my coursera work in an environment where I can be logged in to it, which makes doing these courses inconvenient.

You do not need to use Google Colab to complete the course labs and assignments. The Coursera’s notebook platform worked for all of my labs and assignment submissions.

Yeah, I was able to complete the course because the graded assignments didn’t use colab, but one of the optional labs won’t work for me, so I have to put it off until I get around to logging in on a computer where I can connect my google account.