Asking for Suggestion Regarding FYP Project

Hi, I am a final year student of Software Engineering. As a part of my final year I am suppose to do a Final Year Project (FYP) and the topic I have chosen is “Skin Lesion Detection using ML/DL”. The problem is that I have only done small and simple ML projects (Linear Regression, etc) until now and I understand that mathematics is also required in machine learning, but I do not have a strong grip on mathematics either. I have done some research on what concepts/tools will be required to do this project. I have 2 other people in my group too, but there skills are nowhere related machine learning, so they will solely rely on my capability to make this possible.

So, is there any way a total dimwit like me will be able to create this project? If yes, then how so, is there any advice for me?

Your Engineering level mathematics is enough to do ML projects. Consider taking Machine Learning and Deep Learning specializations and you will be ready to hack your FYP.

Best of luck.

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