Assignment not showing

my lab id is lfsrmbetilpj
and my week 3 assignment are showing some errors in UNQ_C1
please solve this issue and help me getting the certificate.
i am from medical background, not have enough practice with deep learning and got stuck in the last assignment

Screenshot (55)

I’m not a mentor for this course, but I would guess that the error message means you did not initialize the value for the learner_func_answer variable.

Hello Anjali,

Check for error in your exercise cell 1, check if you recalled codes with the right variables.

I hope you have checked these hints

This error comes if we have recalled an incorrect variable or function code.

If unable to find, then send a screenshot of the codes cell via personal DM. Click on my name and then message. Do not post code here.


Hello Anjali,

  1. You are not suppose to edit or write codes outside ##START CODE HERE and ##END CODE HERE###
    there is an error for the initiating value, clearly mentions to keep it none, but you have written codes for the features and labels which are mentioned outside the ##START and ##END CODE HERE
    Initialize features and labels with None

  2. randomly sample sub-volume by sampling the corner voxel.
    while sampling you forgot about this (“the voxel is a background (value of 1”), so make sure you have added to all the three outputs.

  3. Hint, clearly mentions you to use * keras.utils.to_categorical(y, num_classes=) but you have used to_categorical.

  4. make copy of the sub-volume.
    while making copy kindly use np.copy correctly instead of just copy.

Let us know if the issue is resolved.


Hello anjali,

you have mentioned utils as util and still the code is incorrect. When I shared that pointer, I expected you to click on that link as it is also mentioned in the hint section, to know which function code need to be used.

also make sure you are running all the cells from starting till the cell you are currently working on.


Hi @Anjali_Sharma3,

Your Exercise 1 seems to passing the tests, so I’m guessing you were able work through the issue.

If I may give a sincere suggestion - It is wonderful that you are from a medical profession and are taking our courses to up skill. But AI for Medicine is not a basic level specialisation. You are expected to have an understanding of Deep Learning and, especially, programming to better learn and gain the best out of these courses. If you only want the certificate of the course, sure. Otherwise, I’d suggest to come back around to this specialisation after gaining the basics.