Assignment Submission Help

Can someone tell me how I submit the assignment?

This notebook is hosted on GitHub so in order to save any changes you need to create a copy of it within your Drive. You can do so by clicking the File tab and then the Save a copy in drive option.

You should upload two files:

  • The notebook (a file with .ipynb extension) will be used to test the following functions:
  • create_train_val_dirs
  • split_data
  • train_val_generators
  • create_model
  • The training history of your model (a file with .pkl extension) which will be used to grade the accuracy of your model.

I read these instructions. I saved a copy on drive, do I need to upload it? I did the assignment in jupyter notebook as well. can I upload it? Also, how will I get the training history of the model?

Normally the assignments are hosted on coursera environment and run on jupyter, or in colab google and run in colab.

When you finish the assignment whichever environment you are on, you can download a copy of it from File-> Download and the .pkl file is created in the last cell “def download_history():”

Both of these files I take it should be uploaded at an upload button in the coursera assignment space of that week.