Uploading colab notebook

In CNN with TensorFlow course 2 of TensorFlow developer certificate, week1. I have opened the assignment notebook but it was giving directory errors. Then I opened it in google colab, and there were no options to download the dataset set in the notebook. I downloaded 25k images of cats and dogs, then I trained my model on it with a batch size of 10 as mentioned in the notebook with 2 epochs. It doesn’t show any pass remarks, I don’t why. The program is correct. The directory created in the assignment is wrong I think, how can I successfully pass my assignment ? Guide me please

Hi Muhammad! Welcome to Discourse! Sorry to hear about your problems with the notebook. Just to clarify, did you mean that the assignment is not opened in Google Colab by default? The launch page of the assignment should look like this:

If you see something else, then you might be in the old session of the course. Please contact Coursera via the Learner Help Center and ask them to unenroll you, then immediately re-enroll you to the latest version course.

However, if the assignment is in Google Colab and you see the page above, please show here the error messages you are getting so we can help troubleshoot. Thanks!