How to do assignment

For the Programming Assignment, Cats vs Dogs, there are a some instructions that I don’t think I understand.

  1. From what I understand, I am able to access the assignment as a colab notebook, which I do have.
  2. I then Copy this colab notebook to Drive, which I have also done.
    • This is the notebook I’ll be working on instead of the original on github
    • What and where is Drive?
  3. Once I’ve completed my work on the copy, I should upload the colab notebook as well as the saved model history that I should generate at some point in working through the colab notebook.
    - At this point I don’t know where these files are or will be, so I’m not sure how to upload them (to where?)

The artifacts to upload to the grader are:

  1. The completed assignment notebook.
  2. history.pkl which can be downloaded when you execute the cell containing def download_history.

Open the saved copy of the assignment and complete it.
Download the notebook in ipynb format via File > Download > Download .ipynb and upload for grading