Assignments not getting submitted

Hi @Prasad_Sonar ,

In your C2_W3_assignment, it appears you tried to edit non-graded code before passing the assignment. This could affect the auto grader code on Coursera and the notebook. Important Note: Please only do this when you’ve already passed the assignment to avoid problems with the autograder. (i.e, after submitting the assignment successfully

  1. On the notebook’s menu, click “View” > “Cell Toolbar” > “Edit Metadata”
  2. Hit the “Edit Metadata” button next to the code cell which you want to lock/unlock
  3. Set the attribute value for “editable” to:
  • “true” if you want to unlock it
  • “false” if you want to lock it
  1. On the notebook’s menu, click “View” > “Cell Toolbar” > “None”

Also, in the Excercise 7, you have duplicated graded cells ### START CODE HERE ### which might also affect the autograder

Please check notebook metadata and refresh the workspace . Also, 1. Remove any cells you may have manually added (even outside the graded cells), restart the notebook, and check if all cells still run.

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