AWS account deactivated (Launched AWS instance from another lab)


I filled out the form Lab issue report as advised on the forum as this seems like a common issue. However, I was still able to complete the lab using AWS instance launched from Lab 1. Not sure if I would still get credit for it or do I have to go through the Lab 2 again after my account is re-activated.

Thank you.

Hi Ravdeep, and welcome to the community! Unfortunately, you will have to submit the lab from Week 2 to mark the item as completed. If you’ve already run the exercise from the Week 1instance, you don’t have to run the entire exercise again in Week 2. You just have to launch the AWS console in Week 2 once your account is reactivated, then press the Submit button in Vocareum. We will contact you when your account is reactivated. It usually takes less than a day, at most 2. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response and explanation Chris. I’ll wait for your confirmation about reactivation.

Thank you