Beginner-Friendly Competitions and Hackathons for AI/ML

I have started ML specialization course a week ago. I have seen that there are a lot of competitions going on for AI/ML, and I want to participate in them, but I am beginner and I just completed Week 1 Linear regression and I have also done 2 courses on kaggle (Intro & Intermediate ML). So, I want to know when I can participate in them (like after learning how much of ML) and which are the beginner friendly competitions and hackathons can I participate ?


Hi, @Param302!

I recommend you finish your current course (or even a couple more if you feel like it). Once you begin to feel comfortable programming, you can jump into any competition in kaggle. There is where you will really begin to learn from the best.


Thanks @alvaroramajo for the advice.
So, I’ll first complete at least 1st course of ML specialziation then I should start participating in competitions.

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Hello @Param302 ,

I recommend you to view some of the hackathons on There are lots of beginner friendly/remote competitions where you can learn to build new things in a very short amount of time (like a weekend). I recommend it because I have found them to be very interesting and fun.



Thanks @canxkoz , I will check it out for sure!

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