Intro to Kaggle

Hello, I was wondering, at this point would I be ready to tackle some kaggle machine learning competitions? I was going through some, and it looked pretty hard. Looked at spaceship-titanic and was confused on whether to use decision trees or neural networks. Should I start doing kaggle now, or should I wait until I finish unsupervised learning? Also, with the skills I know now, would I be able to start a project on my own now? Thank you!

If you are ready to start trying decision trees, try it. If you are ready for NNs, try it. If both, try both. Then you know where you are. Are you ready?


You can try it, but do not be discouraged if you don’t get world-beating results.
The level of performance in the Kaggle community is very high.


@rmwkwok @TMosh thank you both for the advice. I think maybe I’m not ready cause even with the theory I have learned so far, I am not sure where to exactly start with the methods I know. I think maybe I should keep practicing the code I’ve learned, and look at more sites to learn different ways to implement the algorithms I’ve learned before I try to attempt some kaggle problems. Maybe also make some teammates with me on kaggle that I could also help learn from.


You may also want to try The Kaggle Book | Data Science and Machine Learning by Konrad Banachewicz and Luca Massaron
It has tips from some of the Kaggle Masters and Grandmasters on how to get started and do well in competitions.


@SamReiswig thank you so much! I appreciate it!