Build function error

Hello! I hope you are doing well.
I am facing the attached error in the assignment (Exercise 2: Neural Network). Kindly help me to resolve this error.


Try running all of the cells in the notebook.
Use the “Cell → Run all” menu option.

You also have to add the “Input” layer that is discussed in the instructions:

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Thank you for clarifying. I added that line and got it correct. It is understandable to “specifies the input dimension of the first layer.” However, in optional labs, I did not see anything like that in the “model = Sequential(…)” code. Why do we need to add that line here and not in optional labs? Kindly guide me.

Hey @saifkhanengr,
Please check this thread out. Also, check out the Version 12 of this kernel, which highlights the importance of the Input layer for weights initialization. Let us know if these help.


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Thanks Elemento. . .