C1_W3_Assignment Exercise 5

Please let me know what went wrong. Despite my efforts, I was unable to solve the puzzle. Please help me.
(moderation edit - solution code removed)


I had to edit your topic to remove your solution. Posting solutions or solutions attempts goes against our community guidelines.

I could spot some issues with your solution:

Please, utilize the functions initialize_parameters, forward_propagation and compute_cost to perform the operations that are being described. This will prevent any dimensionality error and you have just implemented them at this point.

If you still face problems, please let me know.



I’m right there with @Abuzar_Shahid. My work book passes all the tests up until exercise 5 where I am given a matmul error on my on my forward propagation Z equation. Despite passing the tests for the forward propagation section and ensuring the matrices are appropriate size, I cannot get rid of this matmul error.