Week 3 assigment Exercise 4: forward_propagation

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I don’t understand what is going on with my code. I have tried all possible ways to get it done but it’s still showing error. Any help please

First, sharing your code is not allowed, so avoid sharing it.
Second, you posted this in the General Discussion category but, I guess, it belongs to DLS Course 1. Move it to the correct category as described here.
Third, you have to use dot, not matmul.
Fourth, you have to apply the correct activation function to Z.

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I have not taken your course, but looking at the error message, it looks like that your code is not the current version of the assignment, as the test case is given you 3 parameters, but your code only take 2 input parameters.
You can check the test file by clicking:

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What course are you referring to?

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Duplicate of this. Hence closing this thread.