Week 3 assi Exercise 4: forward_propagation

When creating

(Solution code removed, as posting it publicly is against the honour code of this community, regardless if it is correct or not. You can share the errors you get)

please help

The error says you have given 3 inputs to the function, try giving it only 2 inputs as suggested from the error!

Typically this error means you are using an obsolete copy of the notebook, or an obsolete copy of the “w3_unittest.py” file for this assignment. Or maybe both.

I’m still getting this error. “forward_propagation() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘n_y’”

You are using an obsolete version of the notebook file. That function requires three arguments.

You can find instructions for updating your notebook by searching the forum for the “m4ml resources faq”, using the forum Search tool.

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