Issues about forward_propagation

Hello, I have a problem with exercise 4.
It says There was a problem grading your submission. Details:
forward_propagation() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given.

I tried the latest version and reboot in FAQ but it still shows this error.

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Usually the error about “positional arguments” means that your notebook and/or one of the utility .py files is obsolete, and a new version is available.

You probably have to use the procedure in the “M4ML Resources FAQ”, get a new copy of the notebook and utilities, and start over.

You can find the instructions by using the forum Search tool.

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I have this problem too; any solutions?

Check your notebook, in the forward_propagation() function definition, how many arguments are there?

It should be three.

If it is two, then you have an old copy of the notebook.

I am curious (because this happens fairly often), where did you get the notebook from?

Also, yes there is a solution, it’s in my reply on this thread from from December 2023.