hello i have a probleme with the 4 exercice
i searche for a solution for a 3 weeks and from the community but i dont find any thing

the code looks good but

thay say thay i give him 3 paramters but i giove him just 2 X and apramerts
where is the probleme
thank you

You are using an obsolete version of the programming assignment notebook.

The current notebook uses three parameters for the forward_propagation() function.

You need to get the current notebook and the new w3_unittest.py file, and start over on this assignment.

Instructions for updating the notebook can be found in the “M4ML Resources FAQ” thread. You can find this by using the forum Search tool.

thank you for replying
but i do a update for notebook from help
and i dont find M4ML Resources FAQ

Here is the FAQ. Follow the method in Topic 1 - there are several other steps you have to do before you use “Help → Get latest version”.


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thank you so much its work

its not work i have the same probleme withe exercice 4 i dont know why
i have delete it and restar the lab and update it but no
there is other solution ?

The solution is to get a clean copy of the notebook file, and the newest version of the utility py files, and write the correct code.