C1_W3 grader issue

The code says ALl test passed but 2 marks was deducted in the last excercise


If want I can share the code in private message to debug.

This means your code did not work correctly for one of the tests the grader uses.

Yes but the functions I used in exercise 6 also used previously and I got full marks in that.

That doesn’t change the fact that your code doesn’t pass the grader’s test.

How do you get help if you are passing the tests but it fails in the grader?
Failed test case: Object layer_sizes has incorrect type…
<class ‘function’>,
but got:
<class ‘NoneType’>.
but it passed all tests
my answers matched what is expected.

“Class NoneType” typically means there is some “None” code in the notebook that you have not updated yet.

Or it means that you have re-named your notebook file, and the grader is still trying to grade the original notebook.

The grader always uses the default notebook file name, regardless of the name of the notebook file you have open in the browser.

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I haven’t renamed my file. I closed the lab and reopened it, but still get the same response. Any other ideas? I’m getting ready to give up on this course since it won’t grade.