C1_W3_Lab_3A_linear_to_JavaScript (error running tensorflowjs conversion)

Getting an error doing the tensorflowjs conversion.

May I know what version of tensorflow and other libraries this course curriculumn is using for this lab series.

These are my current packages.

tensorboard 2.12.3
tensorboard-data-server 0.7.1
tensorboard-plugin-wit 1.8.1
tensorflow 2.12.0
tensorflow-datasets 4.9.2
tensorflow-decision-forests 1.3.0
tensorflow-estimator 2.12.0
tensorflow-hub 0.14.0
tensorflow-io-gcs-filesystem 0.32.0
tensorflow-metadata 1.13.1
tensorflowjs 4.9.0
tensorstore 0.1.40

I have tried various package combinations including upgrading to the latest and downgrading. No dice.

See attached error.

Hey @Justin_Ho,

First please send me your notebook via DM to check it.
Second try to follow instructions mentioned here.

I was able to get this working months back.

thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: