Tensorflow and tensorflowjs incompatibility

When I am using tensorflowjs_converter to convert the model to json format, it is showing that it is incompatible with tensorflow version 2.2

But it is told in the notebook to install tensorflow version 2.2 for submission purposes

@balaji.ambresh Can you please look into this?

Here’s the link to the colab notebook I am working on: Google Colab

I’m not a a mentor for tensorflow data and deployment specialization. Please contact a mentor for the specialization to look into grader issues.

Okay, thank you for your response.

For anyone else reading this thread to find the solution, please downgrade the version of tensorflowjs to something close to the version of tensorflow.

It worked for me.

How close? I used tensorflowjs-3.18.0 and it’s not working.

Can you please specify the tf & tfjs versions ? @Nitish_Pandey

I am also struggling to find the python, tensorflow, and tensorflowjs versions to support the week 3 assignment. Can you provide specifics on what’s required to pass the test?

I did this assignment long time ago so I don’t remember the exact tf and tfjs versions but please try to keep the tensorflow js version something close to tf version and as far as I remember, you need to use Tensorflow 2.0 so use tfjs version 2 only