C1_W3 lab does not load properly

The C1_W3 lab is taking too long to load. Currently, learners are allocated two hours to complete the lab, but the lab is taking over one hour to load (and I am still waiting):

On a previous attempt, this lab loaded in about 15 minutes, but time ran out before I figured-out how to complete it. In my view, the instructions around Exercise 4 are too vague, and not enough time is allotted to troubleshoot the code and make it work.

Can you guys do something to speed-up the loading of the lab environment?

Follow-up 1: I just noticed that sometimes the ‘Start Lab’ pinwheel sometimes just dies, but the countdown clock continues to run. I’m trying again…

That didn’t work:

Now the account is back in ‘cleanup mode’…

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Hi Andrew,

Initializing the labs does indeed take a lot of time (~30 minutes, as I recall). But the labs don’t take up much time to complete, so you should be good to go.

Could you please let us know which instructions were vague? I can clarify them here.

As far as the ‘account is in cleanup mode’, one of your fellows mentioned (here) that the cleanup takes some time.

Please try now, and see if the error persists. Most probably it won’t happen. Else, I’ll ask the staff to look into it.


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Thanks Muhammad. I did just try the lab again, and this time, I managed to complete it. It took around 10 minutes to load, and I finished the lab with 23 minutes to spare–taking time to try to absorb everything and play with some new inputs and predictions.

I think the thing that threw me the most is that the coding in the lab is mostly about checking for various results from API calls rather than adjusting the model or hyperparameters. As promised, SageMaker AutoPilot does almost all of the work.

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Awesome, great to hear that…