C1W1 Lab Taking 2 Hours to Load and then never opens

I have been permanently unable to access the lab for c1w1 because i get a 2 hour timer every time i attempt. Then it resets when i attempt to access it.

Hey Ben,
I’m sorry I’m a little confused about exactly what is going wrong.

The 2 hour timer is normal - it starts when you hit start lab, and then you have to wait quite a while for AWS to load, the most I’ve waited was just about 15 mins but its usually around 5-10. The timer also resets if you hit start lab again I believe.

Hi Graham,
It seems I mispoke.

Whenever I click the start lab button, the aws button in the corner stays red for 2 hours and says lab is still setting up. To which after over 1 week of trying to do the lab it has never properly launched. It is a very frustrating and seemingly common issue for this course. I have tried to launch it around ~10 times in different browsers and incognito mode.

Any guidance is appreciated,

Technical issues are infuriating, I applaud your perseverance though! Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything I can do. @esanina has more power than me and can try something though.

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@Ben_Moroney do you still have that problem? Please let me know which course and lab, I can try to fix it.

I have the same issue

Hello team. I’m having the same issue. Has there been any resolution from course team?