C1_W3_Logistic_Regression, Question 2, non-zero w vertor assertion error

You can download the notebook here.

But It is not working in non-zero w vector. If you have any ideas please help.

I have tried too many things in question 2 and also tried to debug it and recheck it according to the hints and instructions.

please help

Please do not share your code on the forum. The course community standards don’t allow it.

If a mentor wants to see your code, we’ll ask you to send it via a private message.

Free hint before I delete the code from your message:
Look at where you have the initialization of z_sum.

I am sorry, I didn’t know about that guideline.

The issue is solved now, I used a dot function instead of multiplying and somehow it’s working now.

I am unable to delete the post but I removed the content.
Are only mentors allowed to delete posts?
If so, I request you to delete the post.
And thank you for your suggestion sir.